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These humanoid geniuses are Codegama’s open secrets to building great products

We have our CAPTAIN (Vithya) – Who leads the team. We have our JUNIOR (Maheshwari) mini FLASH. We have our PLAY BOY (Prem) . We have our POET (Sharon) – who speaks one language very nice. We have our TEACHER (Aarthi) strict officer. We have our NARRATOR(Anjana). We have our SANDEEP. We have our HEY DO (Doble)

Vidhya R

Team Leader

Maheshwari S

Backend Developer

PremKumar S

iOS Developer

Sharon Rose

Android Developer


HR Specialist

Anjana Hajeri

Web Developer

Sandeep Kumar

Software Tester

Doble NJ

iOS Developer

Akshata Police Patil

Junior Web Developer

Chakravardhan S

Junior Android Developer


Web Developer

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