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These humanoid geniuses are Codegama’s open secrets to building great products

We have our CAPTAIN (Vithya) – Who leads the team. We have our JUNIOR (Maheshwari) mini FLASH.We have our POET (Sharon) – who speaks one language very nice. We have our TEACHER (Aarthi) strict officer. We have our NARRATOR(Anjana). We have our AKSHATA POLICE PATIL.We have our CHAKRI. We have our BHAWYA. We have our BENO. We have our Manjunath C Kadani. We have our Ashwani Lakshkar. We have our Sandhya Shree. we have our Karthick R J. We have our Vijay R.

Vidhya R

Team Leader

Maheshwari S

Backend Developer

Sharon Rose

Android Developer


HR Specialist

Anjana Hajeri

Web Developer

Akshata Police Patil

Junior Web Developer

Chakravardhan S

Junior Android Developer


Web Developer

Beno Darry

UI/UX Designer

Manjunath C Kadani

iOS Developer

Ashwani Lakshkar

Junior Android Developer

Sandhya Shree

Junior Software Tester

Karthick R J

iOS Developer

Vijay R

Junior Support Engineer

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