How good is ReactJS and is it good for building and scaling business on it?

How good is ReactJS and is it good for building and scaling business on it?

In this post: we explore the inception of ReactJs and how essential and preferable it has become in the tech business. We also see why ReactJs is preferred over other frameworks. In the end we see why ReactJS makes business sense today and for the future.

Building (and deploying changes) web apps quickly and efficiently with minimal coding was a bane until Facebook developed ReactJS – an open source JavaScript library. ReactJS was built to boost rendering performance.

Because ReactJS allows developers to focus on individual components, it is remarkably easy to achieve the best possible rendering performance. With ReactJS, developers can easily break down complex codes into components and only work on those individual sets and deploy changes.

Why and when ReactJS is used and how popular is it?

Frameworks such as Angular were the go to option for developers even when ReactJS was launched. However with Angular, developers had to do a lot of coding. The experience with other frameworks also demanded entire codes to be reworked, even to modify individual components which changed frequently.

At the end of the day, developers wanted a framework which allowed them to segregate the components of code (which needed update/rework) and deploy changes faster. This would allow for shorter project cycles.

ReactJS proved to be the ideal solution. With JSX, developers can render HTML quotes and tags of any given component. This meant that developers could simultaneously build readable codes all the while deploying components into a single verifiable file.

ReactJS has etched itself into developers consciousness due to its simplicity and flexibility. It is being heralded as the future of web development. Today, more than 1300 developers and 94000 sites are built using ReactJS in some form.

While Facebook, Uber, Airbnb and PayPal have taken to ReactJS to solve UI related complexities, its popularity has shot up unprecedentedly and the framework continues to draw many businesses today.

Brand who use ReactJS -

Brand who use ReactJS –

Why ReactJS is the preferred choice?

  • Simple. It allows for apps to be written within the JavaScript framework. JSX allows developers to create brand new User Interface features and render it LIVE in real-time.
  • ReactJS is loved because it allows developers to break down complex UI codes. This is it’s USP. Developers need not worry about the web app as a whole, ReactJS allows them to break the UI and UX aspects into individual components, making each component very intuitive.
  • Developers need not worry about filling a blank when rendering components. The Props allows blanks to be populated with custom data. Props allows developers to pass custom data to a particular User Interface component too.
  • Another important factor is storing changes. Storing all changes is possible with the State. Developers can store all the dynamic content and place it in a single location (State). This makes single web applications simple as all details are sourced from a single section.
  • ReactJS is built to use Virtual DOM which renders apps fast. The framework was built to cut down the complexity and expense of updating old HTML codes. Virtual DOM allows the framework to precisely re-render or ignore specific pieces, as it can detect when the data has changed. This improves user experience massively.

Is ReactJS good for business?

Tech based businesses always seek to outdo our competition to gain advantage and market share. ReactJS is one such technology which could give businesses a leg-up in creating robust, intuitive, reliable future-ready web apps. What else does a CTO want?

At the end of the day, every business tries to incrementally better their User Interface and User Experience to deliver the best products and keep consumers coming back. ReactJS allows enterprises to build apps with top class UI and deliver enhanced user experiences through higher engagement and conversions.

Web apps built on the this framework tend to deliver better performance when compared to other frameworks. As ReactJS refrains from updating the entire DOM, it allows faster and reliable app renders every time, improving user experience massively.

ReactJS offers the capability to modify built tooling and even scale back on maintenance budgets making the framework highly efficient. It was designed to improve page renders from the website servers and it uses nodes to render on the client-side.

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