First All Hands Meeting of 2019

First All Hands Meeting of 2019

Hello it is already the end of the first month of the new year. Time literally flies indeed. At Codegama we are embarking on a new product and have worked to streamline our existing ones. This all hands meeting was fun and helped us look back at the month and set the right tone for the coming months.

Performer of the month

Among our elusive talent pool, it is always extremely difficult to choose a top performer. However, this month the accolade goes to none other than our super cool Maheswari (Backend Developer).

Maheswari - Performer of the Month -

Maheswari – Performer of the Month –

Maheswari has her hands full with two major products support; StreamHash and ShopyGen. In a highly fast-paced world of mobile applications, the team needs a member with experience and guile to completely (we mean single-handedly) manage server setup, testing mobile apps and manage end-to-end mobile installation. We are very proud and happy to award the performer of the month award for the month of January 2019 to Maheswari.

Monthly accomplishments

We (our team) have begun 2019 with a bang by setting the right tone to accomplish amazing feats this year. In the month of January, we achieved the following tasks with ease:

  • Streamview API’s code structure update: With ever growing demand for web apps, web APIs have risen to importance for the past few years. By updating the API’s code structure, we have made it more robust and reliable.
  • Streamview Android UI refreshed: we understand that content consumption is as good as the user interface. We have completely refreshed the Streamview UI for Android.
  • StreamTunes Android: this month, we have released a stable version of StreamTunes for Android and it is built and updated to run as smooth as a knife through a brick of butter.
  • StreamTunes iOS app: we begun development of a highly stable StreamTunes iOS application this month and the team of super coders are working as hard as elves in Santa Claus’ gift factory. The platform will be launched soon.
  • Streamview frontend is getting a boost: we have begun converting the platform to ReactJS taking the delivery of content and user experience to the next level. Why did we choose ReactJS? Read here (link to the ReactJS blog post)
  • Bug reduction: we have achieved something remarkable. We have reduced bugs to single digits, for all our products and platforms. Yaay!
  • Bug Tracker – a new platform: we are creating a much needed product to allow businesses to tackle bugs effectively with our new product called Bug Tracker. We have started developing a bespoke website for the same and it will be LIVE soon. So, look forward to that.


With this we bring an end to the first All Hands Meeting of the year 2019. This meeting was fun filled and offered us a platform to enjoy individual and collective successes and efforts to make Codegama the best darn app development team there is. We are raising our standards and targets to even greater heights for this year and we strongly believe that we have the right talent and work ethic to achieve it. We end this month’s agenda with a beautiful quote.

Quote of the month -

Quote of the month –

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