All hands meeting – February

All hands meeting – February

The first two months of the year have been very busy for Codegama. And thankfully so. In the last month alone – February – we have added very talented people to our team. And we have worked tirelessly to update a few of our products and launch our much awaited Rentcubo platform.

Best performer of the month

  All hands meeting - February - Performer of the month Sharon Rose  

Sharon Rose, is our performer of the month. She has taken complete ownership of prospecting and hiring other interns.

Sharon was responsible for scheduling and interviewing candidates. The brilliant aspect about Sharon is that she is a very talented Android developer. Besides working on our products on the Android platform, she has taken complete responsibility of hiring candidates here at Codegama.

StreamTunes is one of our flagship products, and Sharon has taken complete ownership of it. We were planning to launch the iOS version of the app this month and Sharon has made it possible. Through rigorous testing and bug reporting, this has made the iOS application ever more stable. Thanks to Sharon.

Other product updates for the month of February

  All hands meeting - February - 2019  
  • StreamTube and TubeNow 4.0 is complete on Android and iOS: We accomplished completing the latest versions of StreamTube and TubeNow – 4.0. The entire team of Android and iOS developers have made possible to launch the latest version on both platforms.
  • StreamTunes Android with Car Bluetooth support: We have added the much needed Bluetooth support for StreamTunes for Android. The application is more stable with added features as of today.
  • StreamTunes iOS app completed and updated on the app store: We have been waiting for this. We have successfully launched the StreamTunes app on the iOS platform.
  • The major update of the month is the launch of a new product platform called Rentcubo. Rentcubo is an extremely robust Airbnb clone script. We have taken the good and the latest bits from the world famous Airbnb platform – and have redesigned the product to suit multiple business models.
  Rentcubo homepage  
  • RentRoom: is a hands-down Airbnb clone designed for the vacation rental sector. Today, anyone can download the full version of the software, and create their own vacation rental business. Check out the complete features of this product here.
  • RentCowork: with RentCowork, it is now possible to launch a coworking business. We have redesigned the platform to easily sell shared office spaces and desks. Check out the complete features of this product here.
  • RentPark: is an Airbnb clone for the car parking business. It is now easy to sell parking spaces and lots – for free and for multiple fee structures. And also allow people to book slots, use the in-app map to drive to the slot directly and make safe and secure payments on-the-go. Check out the complete features of this product here.
  • RentStorage: is an Airbnb clone for the self storage business. In countries like the US, UK and Australia, there is an ever growing demand for small to medium storage facilities for families who live in compact houses in dense cities such as New York and London. And also businesses seek safe storage spaces as well. RentStorage helps one list inventories of single or multiple locations of storage spaces and sell it via this robust Airbnb clone. Check out the complete features of this product here.
  • We have built a great team of product builders and service support. This has allowed us to offer free technical support to all the products under Rentcubo. And not only that, we have built robust versions of web and mobile app demos and LITE versions for all products.
  • And finally we are proud to have hired 7 extremely talented interns and by the end of the month of July, all new recruits will come onboard as full time employees of Codegama.

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