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Our Mission

We thrive on entrepreneurs and businesses who want to push their boundaries with technology. We want to design and create apps that people want to use. We want to create apps which drives business growth.

Our mission is to deliver scalable, sustainable turnkey projects, and help businesses go from product concept to a LIVE platform within no time.

Our aim is for any entrepreneur or business to come to us with a product idea, and get a bespoke platform built from us.

Our Vision

We want to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit from all corners of the globe. We are tech wizards and understand that technology is a great tool to make this world a better place with great products and services.

We want to enable businesses and be the catalyst for their growth and success.

We are Codegama.

How we work

We build transformative technology solutions to help you disrupt your business ecosystem. We work on a three pronged method:


Phase One

We assess your business system and build a comprehensive technology roadmap

Phase Two

We execute your vision through software design, development, and implementation

Phase Three

We monitor and modify the platform for continuous growth

Our History


Founded Company

Our Founder and a team of designers, developers, and project leads sat around a table with a mission to create a bunch of readily usable product platforms. One among them was a robust Video Streaming platform created from scratch and is scalable.


Solution for Live Streaming

The team worked on video streaming platform and turned it into a reliable and scalable LIVE VIDEO STREAMING platform.

Mid 2018

Solution for Scalable mobile apps

Codegama added mobile application development for Android and iOS to it’s repertoire and have built successful, reliable, and scalable mobile products since.

Late 2018

Solution for On demand

Codegama added to it’s talented team of tech wizards and launched ON DEMAND product platform development. By now Codegama was capable of building a scalable, reliable on-demand products.


Solution for BOTS

Codegama added the capabilities of building BOTS ready to be deployed on web as well as mobile platforms. Built on a strong cloud computing base, Codegama has built BOTS which yet to be live.

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